In order to attract more visitors to your website, you have to make sure that you have a high-converting Landing Page. Landing pages are a big deal, especially for small business owners, e-commerce stores, and coaches to improve customer acquisition. However, it’s never that easy. In fact, creating and testing landing pages is one of the top 5 challenges most B2B marketers face nowadays.

So, how to make a high-converting Landing Page that would surely gain more clients this 2020? Let’s find out in this article. We are to discuss solid tips and new trends that can make a difference.

Landing Page Tips and Ideas

A well-designed landing page can change prospects into leads by collecting information to help you better know, promote, and satisfy visitors in the future. Provided that landing pages could make or break your future conversions, it is, therefore, important to substantiate that they are well designed, organized, and executed. 

Here are a few tips that will help you make a high-converting landing page:

1. Make an Eye-Catching Headline

A striking headline is the first thing that a potential client sees when they reach your landing page. It’s what will ignite their interest and keep them hook-up on the page, at least a little while longer. This is probably because the headline radiates a message that what they need or want could be seen on the page. 

You can also add a sub-headline to help you elaborate more regarding the headline. This doesn’t always work, but it does, especially if you don’t have a relevant back-up image to support your claims.

2. Use Relevant and Appealing Images

Images are used to express emotion or to validate how the product actually works. They are used to add another aspect of the visual dimension to your Landing Page. When you nail with a striking headline and an eye-catching image effectively, surely you will get more conversions ahead. 

3. Be Clear and Concise

It is important that even at a first glance your prospects will know, right there and then, what is the product or service you are offering. Your headline or additional sub-headline could take care of that. However, it is highly recommended that you should make a separate section where you could clearly state your offer as this should be presented as powerful as possible. 

4. Make the Body Copy Exceptional

This is probably the trickiest part to make right as it has to highlight the benefit as compelling and persuasive as possible. The main goal is to keep them hooked to your page until they can reach your CTA or call to action. This means that you need to make a body copy that literally converts. 

Thus, you need to exceptional in writing, dealing, and influencing people. Actually, there are no rules set on how many words to use. If you use very few words, the tendency is they will not have adequate information to subscribe or trust you. On the other hand, if you also use too many words, then they might feel overwhelmed and may even lose your clarity. The key is to enlist all the important details in the shortest and concise way. Just outsource a qualified writer and stick to one that brings results. This part shouldn’t be taken for granted. In fact, around 75% of businesses experience problems looking for the right expertise to improve their landing page copy.

5. Keep visitors on the page

In order to keep your visitors on the page, avoid distracting backlinks or main navigation that will cause the prospects to leave your page. 

6. Social Sharing

A basic way to occupy your Landing page is by incorporating social media sharing buttons for the visitors to share your content with social media platforms. 

7. Include Pain

Pain is a sickening feeling that no one wants or enjoys. It’s in our genetic make-up to try to avoid it as much as possible. 

A usual copywriting trick to make consumers think twice is to remind them of what they will potentially lose if they will not take your offer. By showing them what they will gain and what they will stand to lose, then for sure, you’ll get more potential clients. However, do not go too much. Just try to show the possibility of pain and then quickly present your product as the remedy. 

8. Present the Benefits

Aside from showing the pain, you also need to assure them that your product or service will make them feel good. You can use relevant images that would depict that your product will indeed give them fun, remedy, and the like. If you choose to do it with a copy, then you need to use emotive and strong words that would make your readers trust you and your service or products. 

9. Flourish your Call-to-Action

The call-to-action is the meat of the landing page. This is the money shot as this is the point where prospects become your contacts. In this part, you could ask your visitors to share on social media platforms, download, subscribe, and more. Thus, it should be given the highest importance of making everything in it as perfect as possible. 

Usually, CTAs are placed on the foot part of the page, as you have already informed the visitors ahead with the copy; placing it too soon might overwhelm your prospect as he/she is still not ready. 

It should also be separate from the rest of the elements so that it can be easily distinguished. You can make it as a button to compel your visitors to click on it. 

It’s also advisable to use complementary colors for the CTA and the backdrop. 

You could also use the first-person language to create a sense of ownership like “Claim My Free Voucher Today”. You could also be direct as you can like “Sign Up for Free”. The word “Free” is a good word that can increase your conversions. 

Trends You Need to Incorporate in Your Landing Page This 2020

As the new year unfolds, it is important to take note of the changes and possible trends to help you boost conversions through your landing page. Without further ado, here are the following trends you need to know:

1. Minimalist Approach

As they say, less is more, and this 2020, the minimalist approach is all the rage these days. Spoon-feeding all the information to your prospects may make them think twice about taking your CTA. To avoid this scenario, marketers are now adapting to a more minimalist way of designing and conveying the most effective landing page. Keeping things minimal will help your visitors focus on the vital information that will trigger them to conversion.

When we say minimalist design, it means streamlining your visual and written content so your visitor won’t get overwhelmed with all the information they see. Apart from that, it also comes with these two benefits:

  • Faster load times for your page which, in turn, can increase its conversion rate
  • An improved cognitive load which means that your visitors can easily process what’s going on a lot faster

You should consider adding this trend to your landing page to promote your page and help create a page that will work in any circumstances. This will make your landing page easier to navigate without the presence of distracting elements.

2. Popping Colors in a Simple Background

The combination of colors is a contributing factor in the design that either makes or breaks the whole page. Combining appropriate colors with minimal designs has become vital in increasing satisfaction on the customer’s part and boosting up conversions.

According to one research, about 92.6% of people voiced out that the main influencing factor that affects their purchase decision is the visual dimension. This means that the aesthetic quality of your landing page will determine the fate of your conversion percentage. Therefore, it is important to take this into careful consideration.

3. Simple Backgrounds

It’s important to pick the right colors to characterize your business, landing page, and website – so should your background. That said, you want to choose a simple background that would epitomize your page and be in harmony with your design and CTAs.

One of the trends you could apply to your landing page is by using simple fonts and making it bold to set the tone and atmosphere of your business. Finding the best background image, text balance, and color will be your perfect weapon to lure more prospects and make them click.

4. Social Proof

 Social proofing means that knowledge of connoisseurs like influencers, celebrities, professionals and the like helps determine if a product or service is valuable or not. This has become one of the compulsory elements to validate the effectiveness and credibility of the page, making visitors feel secure and trust your page, website, and business.

This could come as testimonials, trust badges, customer logos, and customer counts. Thus, you need to incorporate one not just for the sake of being on-trend but to make your customers trust you more while feeling secure at the same time.

5. Emphasize the Value of Your Products

Adding a section that emphasizes the value of your service or product or showing how it actually works will give a clear idea to your visitors on what they will get should they choose your product or service. Giving them what they asked for, a well-designed pad equipped with the necessary information will certainly make them go for the click.

6. Two CTAs

Sometimes with all the loads of texts, fancy videos, and other elements, consumers tend to get distracted making them shift away from the CTA. To avoid this from happening, put two CTAs to get your visitors to click. Prompting your visitors to take the CTA twice is the perfect way to boost your conversion rate and acquire more customers. To make this approach work, you should use different yet well-designed visuals to get those visitors who have evaded your first CTA.

7. Forget the Navigation Bar

Navigation bars don’t offer the same outcome on landing pages as to homepages. To make them take your CTA, you must avoid distractions such as a navigation bar. Sadly, only 16% of the landing pages built have no navigation bars. These navigation links could reduce your conversion rate, thus killing your landing page. Adopting to the no navigation bars trend could help maximize the effectiveness of your Landing Page, and thus increase your conversions. To check if your landing pages’ work, you can use a usability testing and A/B testing to determine if your page really gives your desired conversion percentage. Unfortunately, only about 52% of organizations that build landing pages take the time to test them to discover ways to boost conversions further.

8. Incorporate Interactive Elements to Your Landing Page

Incorporating an interactive element to your landing page will surely improve your customers’ experience and satisfaction rate significantly. To make them feel more engaged in the process, giving them an interactive element will give your brand a unique character that will make you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Since we are now living in the era of virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence, incorporating simple animations could stir up and excite an interactive and fun experience they wouldn’t forget.

9. Use Friendlier Geometrics

 Geometrics has become quite a popular design trend lately. This particular trend involves the use of lines, grids, abstract shapes, and several other designs that you can often find in a geometry textbook.

The problem, however, is that these visuals are often lifeless and even imposing at times. Therefore, designers try to counteract by using warmer colors as well as more curves to give the designs a more welcoming feel.

A lot of tech companies and brands can benefit from the use of friendlier geometrics which will help them appear technologically advanced. Moreover, it can also help those brands that want to emphasize order and structure without having that authoritarian appeal.

10. Background Videos

 Incorporating a background video on your landing page can transform its plain, boring design into something a lot more engaging, but as long as it’s done properly. Regardless of how cool your background video might be, there’s a possibility that you can mess it up, thereby resulting in a poorly performing landing page instead.

Therefore, to make sure you can take advantage of your background videos, you want to follow these rules:

  • Only use relevant and high-quality video that can help convey your message
  • Optimize your video so you can at least reduce its file size, preferably around 7-10MB
  • Don’t make it stand out too much that it takes away your visitors’ focus on the landing page
  • Use videos that flow instead of those that have a lot of cuts

11. Use Custom Photos Instead of Stock Photography

These days, using stock photography in landing pages are quickly disappearing. It’s now more on keeping it real. After all, visitors prefer seeing unique, real images from the people behind a brand or company. This explains why custom photography is quickly becoming a trend when it comes to creating high converting landing pages.

With custom photography, you can make your landing page totally real, creative, and a bit different from the rest. This will also allow your offer to stand out from the rest.

12. Oversized Typography

Oversized typography is a trend that involves making your font much larger in order to get your value proposition to leap off your landing page. Due to how quickly this trend has emerged, we can now get a better understanding of the way people read online.

Here’s a good example by Lyft that makes good use of this trend:

As you can see, they’re making their headline a lot more emphasized which has a higher likelihood of attracting prospects. However, they didn’t just stop there. As you continue scrolling down their landing page, you’ll notice that they’re leveraging oversized typography for the same purpose.

13. Custom Illustrations

One particular trend we’ve seen back in 2019 is the use of custom illustrations, and this 2020, this trend will surely grow in popularity. It’s not surprising, considering that high-quality stock photography that looks authentic can be really hard to find. Moreover, shooting a custom photo would mean spending a bit more cash.

This is where custom illustrations enter the picture. Through their quirky, eye-catching, and original appeal, they can have the added benefit of being able to communicate the message you’re trying to convey through visuals.

Final thoughts

The landing page is an essential part of your website where you will initiate a conversation and seal the deal. Thus, it is important that this page should be well-thought, meticulously designed, and eye-catching to harbor the attention of potential clients. It is also crucial that you get to be updated with all the current and possible trends this new year so that you will be able to incorporate them to your Landing page to boost up your conversion rate. Remember, a beautifully designed, well-organized, and wonderfully executed Landing Page could make you hit the jackpot.  

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