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Is Email Marketing still relevant? And a Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

February 23, 2023 /

Introduction Email marketing is a great way to reach your target audience and make them interested in your business. Email marketing managers are often available to help you build your email list at a Discount. Email campaigns can be sent out to customers once an email list has been collected. Email …

A guide to Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

October 22, 2022 /

Artificial intelligence has become an essential staple of our daily lives. According to statistics, 71% of people prefer to search online using a voice query rather than typing. A further 62% of consumers are open to using AI to improve their buying experience. Since customers are already open to adopting …

A Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing with Strategies

August 5, 2022 /

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online communication but is also one of the most profitable. Email marketing provides an audience base of over 4 billion daily users In contrast, the top contender, Facebook marketing, boasts a global audience of less than 3 billion.  According to Hubspot, …

How can digital marketing help small businesses and startups?

June 24, 2022 /

We live in a digital world: a world where anyone can connect with others in seconds. The possibilities are endless, from text messages, voice chats, video conversations, and even virtual reality.  Although our bodies remain in the physical world, our economies, relationships, and future are built digitally. This is why …

Guide to Video Marketing and Why do We Need It?

October 1, 2020 /

It’s already 2020, and video content has been there for a long. But why is video marketing so important now?  I think you already know the answer. Videos are available everywhere. Our social media pages are filled with videos. Creating videos has never been easier, and we can shoot 4K …

Is Google using Sentiment Analysis for Page Ranking?

July 14, 2020 /

For a long time, it was confusing to me, whether Google is using any sentiment analysis for ranking the pages in SERP. Sentiment analysis of content determines the emotion carried by the content, which may be positive, negative, or neutral. Beliefs For many SEOs, they believe that the page’s sentiment …

What is Dwell time and why it matters for SEO?

What is Dwell time and why it matters for SEO?

May 19, 2020 /

Before we continue with the topic today if we take a step back and look at what the word “dwell” means in the dictionary — The dictionary meaning of dwell is — live in or at a specified place. What is Dwell time in SEO world? Dwell time is the amount …

Proven Ways to Drive Free Traffic to Your Landing Page

April 25, 2020 /

A landing page is a term widely used when talking about digital marketing but what exactly is it? Well, it’s a standalone webpage with the sole purpose of furthering your marketing campaign. As the name suggests, it is where visitors “land” or end up when they click on a CTA …

What are the Top Marketing KPIs that all B2B Companies Need to Track

March 19, 2020 /

Running a business, especially a B2B or business-to-business company, entails having an effective marketing strategy to ensure that the company’s target goals are met. However, without knowing what aspect of your business marketing strategy to improve on, it can be difficult to translate these goals into actionable steps. This is …

The Definitive Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

February 29, 2020 /

Initial Warm-up with AMP Topic Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) may seem like a buzzword but its impact cuts across different industries. A lot of businesses are seeing results just by activating the plugin on their website. If you’re wondering how AMP can help you to improve your landing page conversions, …


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