A landing page is a term widely used when talking about digital marketing but what exactly is it? Well, it’s a standalone webpage with the sole purpose of furthering your marketing campaign. As the name suggests, it is where visitors “land” or end up when they click on a CTA or call-to-action link found in your marketing email or an ad.

It’s different from a homepage because instead of having multiple purposes, it’s dedicated solely to the purpose of capturing the data necessary for the success of your marketing campaign.

Your brand’s landing page plays a huge role in the conversion of potential clients into actual paying ones. Therefore, driving traffic to your landing page is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy as it is where you will be able to capture the information necessary to persuade your leads to patronize your business.

The good thing about digital marketing is that you can reach a more extensive range of potential clients at a fraction of the cost used in traditional marketing campaigns. In fact, you can even drive traffic to your landing page without having to spend a dime. To learn more about how to do so, check out the following techniques below.

Social Media

1. Maximize the reach provided by social media

The rapid advancement of technology has paved the way for devices like smartphones and tablets, making connecting with others easier and more convenient. Because of this, there has been a rapid boom in the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, reaching the point where these platforms have become so integrated into our daily lives that almost everyone has at least one social media account.

As such, it has not only become a great method for connecting with others but also an effective tool for digital marketing. The reach of social media is so extensive that utilizing it for your marketing campaigns can open up plenty of opportunities to generate and drive more traffic to your landing page.

2. Engage with your social media followers

The great thing about social media is that it’s completely free to use and it was designed to be user-friendly that even complete beginners can use it. You can set up an account for your business and engage with your clients and potential customers in no time.

Because of this, utilizing your brand’s social media accounts to engage with your followers can help further drive traffic to your landing page, especially since according to studies, trust is an important driving force behind consumers’ decisions of whether to patronize a brand or not.

Social media provides you with a great avenue to not only to promote your brand but also to build a closer relationship with your clients – something that can help drive more traffic to your landing page.

Increasing your engagement and building closer relationships with your followers will leave a positive impression on them. This might even lead them to spread the word about your brand and convincing fellow consumers to visit your landing page as well.

3. Collaborate with influencers

As mentioned, trust is an important factor when it comes to a consumer’s decision and who else is better to represent your brand and direct more traffic to your landing page if not an influencer?

An influencer is a person on social media whose knowledge and expertise in a particular subject matter has managed to build people’s trust in them, creating a large following and reaching a wide audience. Influencer marketing has become a valuable method of digital marketing, especially with its high engagement rate and the prevalence of social media nowadays.

In fact, around 89% of digital marketers claim that the ROI or return on investment from this method can be comparable to alternative marketing channels. As such, collaborating with influencers can help drive more traffic to your landing page.

However, when choosing an influencer to work with, just make sure to look beyond the number of followers and focus on whether or not they’re the right fit for your business or brand and that they can accurately represent what your brand stands for.

Email Marketing

1. Tap into your existing customer database using email marketing

While social media can be great for driving new traffic to your landing page, email marketing can be effective at reaching out to existing subscribers and lead them back to your landing page.

Creating a new and creative email marketing campaign can help previous clients remember your brand and reignite their interest in it – something that can drive more traffic to your landing page. Therefore, instead of simply being a one-time customer, they will come back and patronize your business once more.

Moreover, since they have already availed of your products and/or services, it would be easier to persuade them into availing of them again, especially if they were satisfied the first time around.

Another great thing about tapping into your existing customer database is that it can start off a chain reaction, with your previous clients sharing it on their own sites and accounts and therefore, further driving more traffic to your landing page.

This is an effective method because social proof, especially positive social proof, is known to effective at convincing people to patronize a business or brand, with around 91% of consumers saying they’re more likely to consider a business because of it.


1. Optimize it for SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of gaining more natural and unpaid or what we call “organic” traffic on your website through search results.

By creating high-quality content and utilizing various SEO techniques or, in other words, optimizing your website or landing page, you have the chance to rank higher in the results when people search for that particular subject on search engines like Google.

SEO can help you rank higher in the results, making it easier for potential clients to find your landing page and therefore, direct more traffic to it. While the main goal of landing pages is to convert potential clients into actual ones, SEO is still crucial because it will help them find it. After all, how can you convert them if they can’t find it in the first place?

2. Research and use keywords

Although landing pages aren’t known to be filled with a lot of words, there’s still a way to incorporate SEO techniques into your landing page content to help drive more traffic to it and make it more effective at conversion at the same time. The most efficient way is through the use of keywords.

Using keywords is one of the bases of successful SEO. By incorporating SEO-friendly keywords into the limited content on your landing page, you can make sure that your landing page appears as one of the top results of search engines when consumers look for a particular product and/or service.

To make the most out of keywords, it’s best if you research first what are the seed or basic keywords for the niche or category that best represents your landing page. There are many free search tools you can use to look for said keywords to better optimize your content.

Don’t forget to pay attention to its average search volume and difficulty as this can affect how effective the keywords would be for your content.

3. Make your meta description as captivating as possible

Meta descriptions are short descriptions that provide visitors with a summary of what they can find if they click on that particular link. While they don’t really count on how search engines like Google rank your page, it still does affect visitors’ decision of whether or not they will check out your page so it’s still important in your optimization.

By making a compelling meta description, you can pique the interests of internet users who come across your page on search engine results and increase the chances of convincing them to check it out.


1. Find inspiration from and improve on content that works

While having an avenue to promote your page and being able to promote it effectively are important, the content of your landing page shouldn’t be neglected if you want it to reach a wider audience and increase your conversion rates.

One way you can do this is by finding inspiration from older but related content and taking its core message and ideas and adapting them into newer and more up to date material. This doesn’t mean you’re copying their content – you’re simply incorporating some of their ideas, that have been already proven to be effective,  into your own and creating something that’s more updated and relevant to the current times.

Taking inspiration from and improving on already effective ideas has two significant benefits – it makes content creation for your page less time-consuming and it allows you to appeal to a wider audience.

By incorporating previously proven ideas will help drive more traffic to your landing page as it can be something familiar but with a new twist.


1. Write a pitch to collaborate with publications

Just like you’re looking for customers or clients for your landing page, publications are always looking for content they can include in their own pages. Because of this, you can ask to collaborate with certain publications who can promote your landing page.

Look for publications in the niche or industry your business is in and write a pitch email, requesting if a collaboration is possible while also including why promoting your landing page and your ideas are worth the time and resources they will be investing in it.

Having some media coverage for your site can help drive more people to your landing page and help boost the visibility of your brand in the industry. Moreover, collaborating with publications in your particular industry can help build your credibility.

Again, trustworthiness and credibility are important factors when consumers make a decision, even when it’s something as small as visiting a page. By appearing in a well-established publication, you appear more credible and this can help convince them to take a chance and check out your site, possibly even try out your brand.

2. Use events and contests for promotion

Events and contests are effective ways to promote something, whether it’s a product or service or even a business. The concept of rewards such as those won from contests can be effective incentives because it triggers neurological responses that evoke feelings of gratification.

Contests offer the promise of receiving rewards and all you need to do is to meet certain criteria to do so. In addition to these, the urgency promoted by events and contests is also an effective way to motivate and entice consumers into signing up for something.

As such, these events and contests can help people connect and become more excited with your brand – something that can motivate them to go to your landing page and fill up the forms.

So by appealing to these psychological responses, you can effectively convince people to visit your landing page and possibly even become clients.

3. Use other online platforms besides social media

Other than social media, you can drive more traffic to your landing page by promoting it in other online platforms like forums and communities. Examples of these online communities are Reddit and Quora.

On these sites, you can start conversations about your brand and help pique the interest of members which can then lead to them visiting your landing page to check out what your brand has to offer.

By engaging directly with the people in these online communities, your brand will feel more relatable and can help establish it as someone who starts conversations and promotes certain advocacies.

More than that, it can help build trust and confidence in your brand which can contribute to their decision of whether or not to click on the link of your landing page. This process is similar to convincing publications to collaborate as you need to provide the members with context and convince them that you’re someone trustworthy and your brand is worth checking out.

This requires more finesse and effective communication skills because you can’t just go and tell people to visit your landing page – after all, they may not know who you are. To ensure that your comments are noticed, you need to engage with the members and build their trust in you.

By doing so, it would, then, be easy to convince them to visit your page and even convert, driving more traffic to your page.

Final Thoughts

With the large role landing pages have in the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies, it is, then, undeniable how driving more traffic to your own can have an impact on the success of your campaign and to this extent, your business.

Incorporating these techniques into your marketing strategies is one way you can drive more free traffic to your landing page where you can begin the process of persuading these leads to become actual clients of your brand.

However, if it’s not feasible for you to practice all of these, then just stick to the essentials and the easiest and most convenient methods. They are as follows:

  • Using social media – The user-friendly and free nature of social media is the best way you can reach a large audience without costing a dime. Its integration into our daily lives is also a major reason why social media should be the top platform you should be considering when looking for ways to promote your landing page and brand.
  • Email marketing campaigns – Tapping into your existing customer database will also help increase traffic, especially since they already know what your brand has to offer. In addition to this, they can even help spread the news and you know how social proof is an important factor in potential clients’ decisions.
  • SEO and optimized content – Optimizing your content and SEO go hand in hand because optimized content is needed for SEO to work. Research your keywords and incorporate them into your content as ranking high in the search engine results can help drive traffic to your landing page.

Aside from driving traffic to your landing page, you should also focus on the content and how effective your landing page will be at convincing them to respond to your CTA and become actual clients instead of simply being visitors once they finally decide to visit it.

After all, isn’t that the goal of landing pages?

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